Posted by: Dr Martha Eddy | December 15, 2014

Consider an end to war by 2025

Norm Eddy celebrating 100th StMy dad tells a story of being 6 or 7 and seeing a headline – An End to War and feeling elated. It was a peace accord that outlawed war back in the 1920s.

Whatever happened?

Here are some suggestions about what could happen

I would like to add what I recently posted on facebook :
There is so much to learn and its time to do it fast. How to self-defend without violence – aikido, how to see violence before its in your personal space – Laban Movement Analysis, how to envision a world where people respect all others implicitly and aren’t so traumatized themselves that they act reflexively from fear – somatic awareness. Here is where and how attention to our bodies can contribute to peace. It is great that multiple disciplines are working together more often now.


  1. wow Im so happy to have found this site, and connect with this work – thanks to Kim Sargent-Wishart in Victoria Australia

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