Posted by: Dr Martha Eddy | March 12, 2013

Global Water Dances Initiative moves into our 3rd biennial season: 2015 update


Global Water Dances is a world event first launched in June 2011. The second global performance occured June 15, 2013. Our next day of dance to protect the earth’s waters is June 20, 2015.  On a single day, a series of dances centered on water issues are performed beginning in the Western Pacific Rim, then encircling the planet. These dances are also livestreamed for 24 hours around the globe.

Where will you be?  Will you join us?

Global Water Dances uses free outdoor dance and music performances to blend local water issues with the global struggle to ensure safe water for all human beings.  (Read about our musicians)  Global Water Dances will start with performances in countries in the Pacific Rim, rolling westward through the time zones. Each group will produce a 4-part site-specific performance; the first two parts local and latter two global.

Global Water Dances is a bold visionary artistic initiative focused on the critical need for safe drinking water. Already today, there are an estimated 5 million deaths per year globally from polluted water. By 2025, over half the world’s population will be facing water-related problems. (See Water Issues page for more info.)

Global Water Dances is a model of how to use participatory art-making to raise consciousness about environmental problems and how to bring people together to work on solving these problems. Participants and viewers of Global Water Dances learn about the critical role of humans in protecting water supplies. It is

Dr. Martha Eddy has lead Will participate in NYC Global Water Dances this year.

All are welcome to inquire

We hope you will check out the website and find a location near you!



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