Posted by: Dr Martha Eddy | March 11, 2008

SEEDS Festival at EARTHDANCE – The first of its kind 2008 in Massachusetts

“Eco-moves for Kids” Curriculum Development Workshop
with Martha Eddy, Jane Vorburger, Judy Isacoff and Dan Roth
Visit the full EarthDance SEEDS festival site
Are you a Pre-K to 12th educator or parent interested in experiential learning and the environment? Please join us on Tuesday August 12th for a laboratory day of fun explorations geared towards environmental education. This day long workshop led by Martha Eddy, somatic educator/curriculum specialist, Jane Vorburger, biology major and dance teacher, together with environmental educators, Judy Isacoff, Daniel Roth and Paula Sager will engage participants in activities including “Sensory and somatic explorations inside and outside” and eco-walks and eco-dances.

“Eco-moves for Kids” Curriculum Development workshop will give childhood educators an opportunity to discuss and explore lesson plans that would foster students’ stewardship of the earth and social development via interdisciplinary coursework that combines creative movement with traditional classroom work. We intend to share at least one series of lesson plans that offer teachers ways of nurturing childrens’ respect for their natural environments as well as respect for the diversity within their human communities.

Examples of eco-themes to be explored:
-the interdependence of organisms in a healthy ecological system
-composting and recycling – cherishing what we have
-conservation and stewardship of natural habitats

The workshop will also include informational discussion, reflective discourse, and lesson brainstorming. Teachers will have an opportunity to explore adaptations to different age groups. The project leaders from CKE will provide supportive materials such as current National (or state) Science Education Standards and sample environmental education syllabi for elementary school children.

Martha Eddy, Director of Somatic Studies/Moving On Center & Center for Kinesthetic Education ( ), is an internationally recognized leader of somatic education who consults in schools integrating kinesthetic awareness with academic, aesthetic, health, and socio-emotional goals. Jane Vorburger danced with American Ballet Theater and currently teaches residencies in dance in NYC schools.

Eco-MOVES is part of a larger festival called SEEDS during the
REGISTRATION: [413] 634 – 5678
Tuition: $10 – 20 + Day rate of $60 (includes meals and one night lodging)
Tuesday August 12th Meets 10am- 4pm (Tuition + $30 for just meals)

The workshop is followed by dinner and then a panel ($10) that engages youth and educators in a moving dialogue on the intersection of themes related to conflict on our planet and embodied responses for community building and peace: Gaia Speaks: Youth Responses to a Planet in Pain at 8pm.

The Center for Kinesthetic Education
Martha Eddy – Director
151 West 30th Street Suite 200
New York, NY 10001
(212) 414-2921


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