Posted by: Dr Martha Eddy | March 5, 2008

The Political Scene: More on Barack and Hillary

Relating to my description of meeting and watching Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in August 2007 here is an update from speeches made as the Primary counts arrived in Ohio and Texas. (Scroll down under Political Analysis or February Archives for a much fuller analysis)

Hillary has softened and is using more arm gestures that move in toward and away from her heart. She is finding more variety in her tone of voice.
Barack is standing more firmly, shifting direction less frequently; and he continues to convey his opinions with embracing hand gestures that emphasize policy promises with light precision.

Martha Eddy
Senior Research Analyst
Laban Insitute of Movement Studies



  1. We are now discussing McCain and Obama. Please go to Oct archives of the blog discussion in Oct – this month and read about our findings:

    Link is…

  2. Here is the full link:

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