Posted by: Dr Martha Eddy | March 3, 2008


Body Language
Body language can be a cause of violence or an inroad to resolving conflicts. Body language has many names: non-verbal communication, movement analysis, kinesics. This section links to discussions and methods for the viewing of how a person moves. Ideally these observations are using a well-developed framework that includes an understanding of the viewer and the framework’s biases. MHE

An approach to community building that includes taking care of the planet we live on. In particular Eco-somatic approaches include both an awareness of the human body and its needs in relationship to the planet. Some approaches are more explicitly engaged in how to reduce human conflicts as an inroad to or outcome of planetary wholeness. MHE

Somatic Education
From a base of relaxation and self-awareness any person is more equipped to take healthy action. Somatic Education teaches us to pay attention to the ever-changing movements (both subtle internal bodily cues and large external movement) of the living body. If we are tense, anxious, frustrated somatic techniques can help us locate where in the body these feelings live. We can breathe, move, and vocalize to let go of tension. Starting with a more relaxed body our actions can be more efficient, effective, and expressive. Somatic education can also teach us to vary how we use our body, helping us to access strength, focus, power, self-caring, and community-mindedness. Learning to modulate our physical behavior also helps us communicate with diverse people. Having a wide range of body language makes us more effective leaders. MHE

K -12 Teaching Peace in School through Movement and the Arts
These links show how Movement and Body Awareness practices are applied in schools to restore feelings of safety, calm, ease of learning as well as to enhance communication and solve problems creatively

Educators struggling with how schools fail our world’s children also share visions of schooling that addresses the whole child in the contxt of a whole world.


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