Posted by: Dr Martha Eddy | February 8, 2008




A sampling of physical activities to meet different violence prevention goals.


I. Dealing with conflict.

Teach conflict resolution skills.

1. express feelings: drama games, body language

2. improve communication: no put-downs

2. cooperate: new games

4. negotiate: team work


II. Responding to random violence.

Teach perceptual alertness and bodily responsiveness.

1. body awareness: dance and martial arts warm-ups

2. spatial/environmental awareness: group games

3. quick reaction time: martial arts

4. “centering” and “grounding” activities: tai chi


III. Responding to bullying, physical attacks, and abusive behavior

Teach bodily self-confidence through self assertion, self-defense and self control.

1. self-assertion: drama games, kiai

2. self-defense: blocks, strong posture and stance


IV. Finding non-violent expression for anger. (‘Getting in touch” with frustration and anger.)

Teach emotional expression coupled with discipline and an analysis of injustice.

1. dealing with anger: drama games

2. dealing with inequities: sports and discussion

3. dealing with power: martial arts with self-awareness and/or philosophical component

V. Avoiding being suspended from school or breaking the law due to violence.

Teach about rules and laws, and discuss choices and consequences.

1. law education: drama and role plays

3. practice social responsibility: Hellison’s model of TPSR

4. practice all of the above: traditional style martial arts with mentoring and conflict resolution skills.


Excerpt from, Eddy, M. (1998) The Role of Physical Activity in Educational Violence Prevention Programs for Youth. UMI Press. C hapter V, p. 313




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